Channel One Cup has shown the possibility of key Russian hockey team before the Olympic Games in Sochi

The Russian national team has confidently won the First Channel Cup, and head coach Zinetula Bilyaletdinov could work productively with Russian NHL stars, which in the future will have to perform at the Olympic Games in Sochi.

In the home stage of Euro Tour Bilyaletdinov, as promised, collected in the national team, most Russian NHL stars. He managed to do it thanks in part to the fact that the ocean continues shutout. The coach was important to work hockey players, many of whom will participate in the Games in 2014. As a result, the leaders of the game and the coach was pleased with his 45th international tournament of the Russian team won. Bilyaletdinov confident team scored three victories: over Sweden (5-1), Czechs (6-0) and Finns (3-1). In all three games, the Russians have left no chance to his opponent, winning with a total score of 14:2. Russian forward Evgeni Malkin after the tournament said that «three wins in three games — an excellent result for any team.»

Russian Hockey Federation President Vladislav Tretiak emotional and optimistic all the estimated results First Channel Cup.

«Can this team beat the Canadians? And why not? Can beat. With such a well-organized, clear, stable game, of course, it can. Still there is an error, and the team is not final, it is difficult to say who will be playing in Sochi. But the handwriting, and the team has the correct direction, which the players stand. Team Russia was indeed the team, and this team is now on the First Channel Cup, it was impossible to win, «- said Tretiak.

Bilyaletdinov himself in assessing the significance of winning the tournament was much more reserved.

«The situation here is not quite simple. But what I liked in the three-match — the team does what is required of her. In terms of organization of the game, the task has no issues. This is a very important point. Possible, and most likely this team will be someone else (for the Olympics in Sochi). But competitors are very strong. It will play a lot of factors — both in terms of organization of the game, and efficiency, and dedication. At this stage, it was good to see just such a part of how they respond, all perform. And the next one will be much more difficult, «- said the coach.

In the first match of the Swedes, Russians lost after the first period (0-1), but the second turned the game. As explained after the game players, a long pause due to the inauguration of the tournament kick-off segment affected the game.

«It was hard after the break, when the discovery is made the tournament. Stagnated and only slightly in the second period came to life «- says goalkeeper Konstantin Barulin.

In addition, the impact pressure and the responsibility for the result on home ice.

«We were nervous, even me. To some extent, emotions overwhelmed, «- said Bilyaletdinov.

«The responsibility prevailed, wanted too much to do — admitted Ilya Kovalchuk. — The first was a lot of moments like to play as much as possible, but it was lumpy. At half fizzled out, coach said we should calm down and start thinking head, play combinational hockey. Had a great desire, and many fled the engine faster. »

The best in the Russian Barulin was found, which, in turn, said that the prize was worthy and forward Sergei Mozyakin, scoring two goals. Bilyaletdinov game team and, most importantly, a great desire to win at hockey players was pleased, but noted that «there is still much work to correct your game. They have to play better every game. Matter of time. »

The most dangerous opponent in the tournament Russians are the Czechs, who were in the most NHL players, this game was supposed to be a «real test». Do not forget Bilyaletdinov and that the Czech team for the match with Russia always the «special motivation.» At Karjala Cup Russians played very well against the Czechs. And the same thing happened in Moscow. «We play our main hockey and perform the task. Because part of us, to say the least, good. If we play our football, then the opponents will have little chance, «- said before the game Kovalchuk. At six goals the Russian team, three of which Pavel Datsyuk scored the team Alois Gadamchika not answer a single one. Datsyuk was awarded to the best player, although this award and claimed goalie Vasily Koshechkin.

Bilyaletdinov after the defeat of the Czechs even have «nothing to say», «I am satisfied with the game. She was in control. Cons? By and large, serious disadvantages can not say. In general, we all managed to do. »

Changes in the composition in the third match against Finland Bilyaletdinov not planned. They turned out because of injury forced Alexander Radulov. Suffered the most impact link Russians. To Kovalchuk and Datsyuk added Vadim Shipacheva who did not go on the ice in the match against the Czechs. Play with their idols 25-year striker enjoyed, while he scored two points. «According to the account, probably, the last game was the most difficult. And so it is difficult to get matches. Finns played well, quickly covered us, we could not score a lot of goals and well, we won, «- said Shipachev. With great difficulty, but the Russians, according to Bilyaletdinov, «controlled the game» and therefore deserved to win. «Our team was stronger. And even if we Finns scored, we would have broken (the match), «- said afterwards Vladislav Tretiak.

The most striking element of the tournament was Datsyuk, Kovalchuk, Radulov. «Let them right now for the Olympic Games,» — talking fans, still admire the way forwards outplayed opponents. Statistics for each player in the tournament at three equally impressive — Datsyuk scored 8 points, 5 — Kovalchuk and Radulov wrote itself into an asset 3 points in two games played meeting. Shipachev though tried hard, but replace the «more powerful striker» Radulov, according to the head coach, it was hard.

For the first time after a long break Bilyaletdinov worked with the striker Ilya Kovalchuk. The coach and the player hit it off while working on the First Channel Cup.

«Ilya recently very nice plays on the result from his attitude I like. He is the team leader, helps. He understands the demands which we have a team that executes them, «- said Bilyaletdinov. «It was a good triple,» — he added, noting that before the Olympics are all subject to change.

Prior to the First Channel Cup link Malkin seemed coaching staff team with a different composition, but after injuries Alexander Popov and Alexander Perezhogin in Moscow Malkin played with partners in Magnitogorsk «Metallurgist» Sergei Mozyakin and Nikolai Kulemin. «Mozyakin? He regularly shows good results, it was interesting to see it. I left a good impression. He must be a leader, «- said Bilyaletdinov.

By Alexei Tereshchenko link with Nikolai Zherdev and Alexander Ovechkin Bilyaletdinov waiting «a little bit more, especially in attack.» «They have not scored, but I think they could have played better,» — he added. According to the coach, Ovechkin not playing in the other parts of Datsyuk on the First Channel Cup «is not lost.»

«Datsyuk one! Where I’ll take the second? And Sasha? I am pleased with Sasha. Maybe he did not play so badly in the attack, but did the trick. He’s fine, do very useful things. »

Game young hitters, such as Sergey Plotnikov, coach called good, but the willingness to play in the Olympics «too early.» Bilyaletdinov believes that the combination of Artem Anisimov Plotnikova of Yaroslavl «Locomotive» «worked.»

«He is the very first time he was invited to the national team. I had someone from the younger brother. The same Shipachev last year took part in all the Euro Tour. I want it to (Carpenters) was added and grown. These guys is not easy to be in this team with players. Not everyone can stand it psychologically. Datsyuk, Kovalchuk, Ovechkin, Malkin — the players and play with them is not easy. But I would like them to have progressed, «- said Bilyaletdinov.

Goalkeeper brigade team also proved to be great. And Barulin and Koshechkin their matches played reliably. According to the trainer’s goalkeeper Vladimir Myshkin Koshechkin «increase your chances for a trip to the Olympics.»

«The boys played very well in defense, and in attack, midfield played well. All matches had a very worthy, I liked watching the team. Already seen that the backbone of the team that will play at the Olympics — said Pavel Bure Game Team Russia. — We have a very strong team with great bench, even if the point is a very good player, he has someone to replace. It’s nice to see. »

Tretiak, inspired victories, has already said that this team — like the return of the «Red Machine» — an unbeatable team of the USSR.

«You know, here are the red cars, boats, ships, it’s right up my street — said Bilyaletdinov. — At the Olympics are a very strong team with the best players. Choices they have, unfortunately, a lot more than I do. Swedes 60 NHL players, it’s three teams. I have three teams of NHL players can not build, but I will at best two fives. »

The best goalkeeper of the Russian stage of Euro Tour was named goalkeeper of «Ak Bars» Konstantin Barulin, defender — his partner on the club Alexei Emelin, the most valuable hitter — CSKA forward Pavel Datsyuk, who also became the top scorer of the tournament and 8 (3 +5) points .

Victory at the First Channel Cup allowed Russia to lead the overall standings Euro Tour. The next stage of the tournament will be held in Sweden from 7 to 10 February 2013.

At the February event, even if the lockout does not end, Bilyaletdinov intends to convene a different composition. «I will not take, say, Datsyuk and Kovalchuk. The meaning of their torment? Take young people, «- said Bilyaletdinov.

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